Our Firm

The mission of Cornerstone Asset Management, Inc. is to provide expert guidance for a lifetime of financial security by offering high quality investment and wealth management programs and services to all our clients.  Individuals, families, businesses and institutions turn to Cornerstone for customized investment services designed to meet their specific needs.

Our approach is always personal.  Whether targeted to one person or an employee group, our individualized service and advice is based on a fundamental principle at Cornerstone.  We strive to know our clients - their hopes, dreams, needs and wants - and we take seriously our responsibility as custodians of their financial future.

Our focus is on you, and we are able to address your unique circumstances through our independence.  The Cornerstone team works together with you to develop and maintain a long-term plan using investments chosen specifically to meet your needs.  It is an investment solution that that will grow and evolve according to your lifestlye.  Our dedication to you, the client, and not to any particular investment product or service allows us to implement 'best of breed' financial and insurance solutions for all our clients.